Top 5 Flowering Shrubs for Shade

Top 5 Flowering Shrubs for Shade


Both the Japanese Plum Yew (not technically a "true yew") and hybrid varieties like 'Hicks' Yew offer evergreen foliage and a unique texture - perfect for adding dimension to the shady landscape. Care-free in nature, yews are an easy choice for low maintenance landscaping.


Mahonia makes for a beautifully-textured option, as its evergreen foliage is complemented by yellow winter flowers that bloom at a time when most of the landscape is sleeping. Consider some of these varieties for your shady garden!


New introductions of this plant have recently come onto the market, and we're here for it! Not only are the native varieties an easy option for privacy screening, but some of the new, hybrid varieties offer gorgeous flowers and a distinctive licorice-scented foliage. Great as a foundation plant in the shady landscape!


Gardenias are made for shade, with fragrant white flowers that emerge in late spring and glossy evergreen foliage. Some newer varieties are also sun tolerant, making them a quite adaptable plant in the landscape as a foundation planting.


Nothing says spring like the Azalea flower, and many varieties (like those from Encore and Proven Winners) have been bred to bloom more often AND with more sun tolerance. Despite the genetic advances, a shady or part-sun space in the garden will give an azalea the perfect environment to thrive as an evergreen foundation plant.