Top 5 Flowering Shrubs for Sun

Top 5 Flowering Shrubs for Sun


Though many hydrangeas cannot tolerate sunny conditions in South Carolina, we sell a wide variety of stunning options that will! These favorites are sure to thrive and bloom on new growth, meaning you're guaranteed of seasonal flowers!

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bush, or Buddleia, are some of the longest-blooming shrubs we offer, blooming from April until frost! We sell dwarf varieties like the Pugster series from Proven Winners (24-30" tall and wide) as well as larger-growing options (4-5'+ tall and wide).


Viburnum includes both evergreen and deciduous varieties, all with gorgeous flowers. Some are even fragrant! Depending on the application, these plants can be foundation shrubs, flowering statements, or privacy screens. Talk about versatile!


Not only does Spirea sport a pretty display of flowers, but it also provides stunning foliage color for 9 months out of the year! Gold, red, orange, and other tones come through it its foliage, complemented by red, pink, or white blooms.


These plants are tough as nails during the winter, cold-hardy well into northern America. Foliage color is always distinctive and trumpet shaped blooms are prevalent during late spring. Pro tip: cut them back after blooming for another flower display in summer!