Top 5 Hedge & Screen Plants

Top 5 Hedge & Screen Plants

Osmanthus (Tea Olive)

A Southern favorite, Osmanthus is know for its dense growth, fragrant flowers, and rugged demeanor in the landscape. We offer several different varieties, with the Osmanthus fragrans (Fragrant Tea Olive) being the most popular.


These plants create excellent privacy screens for all types of spaces. Rich, evergreen foliage provides a thick wall effect once mature. Whether selecting a large-growing option, like 'Green Giant,' or a slim one like 'Emerald Green,' Arborvitae is an easy choice.

Arizona Cypress

Native to the Southwest, this plant thrives in our heat and humidity, providing a beautiful blue-green backdrop for screening. We sell two varieties: 'Blue Ice' (20-25' tall by 8-10' wide in maturity) and 'Carolina Sapphire' (15-20'+ tall and wide in maturity).


There are many reasons to love the holly. Not only do they produce red berries for beauty and as a food source for wildlife, but they also offer dark green, evergreen foliage that provides a gorgeous background against which to feature hydrangeas, butterfly bush, or other flowering plants. Tough as nails, holly is an easy choice for a care-free screen.

Staff Picks | Hedge & Screen

With so many options for screening, we decided to feature our favorites! Each of these plants are ultra-hardy and easy to maintain in the Upstate. All are evergreen and will grow to a minimum of 10' tall, with some maturing even larger!