Top 5 Foundation Shrubs for Sun

Top 5 Foundation Shrubs for Sun


Distylium is an overwhelmingly popular plant right now, and for good reason. Its evergreen foliage, care-free demeanor, and adaptibility in the landscape make it an easy choice. We love Distylium in both wet or dry soil and both sun or shade.


Looking for low maintenance? Look no further than our dwarf holly varieties. What they lack in interest, they more than make up for in durability. Holly are a great plant to accent with other flowering plants that will add the needed interest.


Adding color to the landscape? Dwarf Loropetalum are easy to care for, easy to keep maintained and also flower in early spring for added interest. Need more convincing?


Also featured in our flowering collection, we love how versatile these plants are as they can be both foundation plants as well as flowering statements in the landscape. Check out our top choices for evergreen foundation plantings.


New boxwood varieties have emerged that are extraordinarily resistant to boxwood blight and have proven to be quite hardy in the landscape. Lush green foliage remains year-round and takes easily to shaping and pruning, making it an excellent choice for a more formal landscape.