Top 5 Flowering Trees

Top 5 Flowering Trees

These ornamental trees provide a beautiful accent as a show-stopper when in bloom.


Flowering cherries are stunning in spring, with either pink or white blooms absolutely covering the branches. Washington, DC and our staff agree - cherries steal the show!


Though the Native Dogwood is a Southern favorite (and we do sell occasionally), we prefer the Chinese Kousa Dogwood as a more reliable candidate for our heat and humidity. Both pink and white varieties provide exceptional beauty and consistency!


Redbuds have taken off in popularity of late, and new cultivars offer both beautiful flowers as well as gorgeous foliage. Here are our favorite varieties.


A Southern favorite, the Magnolia is not only the brown-backed species we all know, but also the Tulip Magnolia varieties that offer gorgeous blooms in February and March.

Japanese Snowbell

These lesser known trees are some of our favorite, as they offer fragrant bell-shaped flowers, reliable blooming, and adaptable growing conditions.