Top 5 Shade Trees

Top 5 Shade Trees

Cast shade from the hot South Carolina heat and provide a beautiful canopy to enjoy for years.


These maple varieties are each selected for different key features, from beautiful fall color to exceptional hardiness. Some of the fastest growing shade trees we offer, maples are easily our most popular offerings. Check out our favorites!


We love Ginkgo for its uniquely-shaped leaf, its toughness in urban environments, and its stunning fall color. Some of the oldest trees in existence, Ginkgo should be considered as a long-lived shade tree for the landscape.


Elms make for great shade trees, as their fast-growing nature and wide canopy are great for shletering from the heat. The finely-textured foliage also casts a dappled shade, allowing grass to still grow underneath.


Though typically grown full to the ground, Magnolia can be an excellent shade tree if limbed up to create a canopy above. We love its evergreen foliage, fragrant flower, and handsome shape.


Oaks have beautiful branch structure as they mature and cast a deep shade, which can be polarizing. Though fall color is generally lacking, many varieties make it for its deficiencies with gorgeous shape and exceptional toughness in the landscape.