Japanese Maples

Japanese Maples

These impressive trees are individualistic in every way, with each tree having a distinct character. Select yourself in-store or shop online and we'll pick the best!

Upright Varieties

These cultivars will be more of a standard "tree" shape as they mature. Most are shades of red or green, but many color variations exist. We sell many in different sizes, so be sure to click through all the options to see what's available.

Weeping Varieties

These cultivars are dramatic statements in the landscape, with graceful, arching branch structure that provides interest even without foliage. Most weeping Japanese maples are lace-leaf (finely-textured) as opposed to palmate (think "palm-shaped"), but there are some unique exceptions! Colors include red, green, and even orange!

Staff Picks

Here are our top 5 varieties, as selected by the Lichtenfelt's team, based on uniqueness, beauty, and success rate in the landscape.