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Lenten Rose: A Gift for the Winter Doldrums

During cold snaps like the one we’ve woken up to today, Spring can seem like an eternity away. Though the blooms of last season are a distant memory, Lenten Rose reminds us of the grandeur that is to come.

Botanically known as Helleborus¬†orientalis, Lenten Rose is not actually a member of the Rosa family. Rather, its name is a combination of its blooming season (typically before and during Lent) and its Eastern geographical origin. Recently, Helleborus hybrids have burst onto the scene, with more vibrant colors, more “upright” facing blooms, and myriad textures and foliage shapes.

In Upstate South Carolina, Lenten Rose flourishes in the shade of high-branched trees or on the north or east side of buildings. Some gardeners cut Lenten Rose to the ground around the first of the year, allowing for a neater, more compact growth habit. Rich, well drained soil amended with Mushroom Compost provides the perfect medium in which to plant.

Lichtenfelt’s stocks over 15 varieties of Lenten Rose, from the traditional orientalis to the wild and colorful hybrids. Stop in to take a look at our selection and talk with our knowledgeable staff. It’s time to consider adding Lenten Rose to brighten your winter garden.