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Redbud Blooms Mean Spring is Near!

Perhaps no other plant welcomes Spring with the flourish of the redbud. Cercis canadensis, or Eastern Redbud, unfolds a blanket of brilliant pink, red, and purple tones in late Winter to early Spring. South Carolinians may recognize the redbud from its presence throughout Falls Park in Greenville. What a sight it is to behold contrasted with the stately Liberty bridge!

Mature ‘Forest Pansy’ in the Lichtenfelt’s garden

While the species redbud still makes its appearance in garden centers around the Southeast, Lichtenfelt’s typically stocks some of the more interesting offerings. ‘Avondale’ and ‘Oklahoma’ contrast magenta flowers against dark green foliage, while ‘Forest Pansy’ and ‘Black Pearl’ display gorgeous purple leaves after its rosy pink flowers have faded. Weeping varieties add character and interest to the mix, with both green (‘Lavender Twist’ and ‘Rising Sun’) and purple (‘Ruby Falls’) leafed cultivars.

Most upright redbuds mature at 15-25′ in our area, depending on variety, while weeping cultivars top out under 15′. Redbuds prefer to be sited with some afternoon shade to provide respite from the hot summer sun. Moist or dry soil can provide an environment for redbuds to thrive.

While Spring may be a few weeks away, the early appearance of redbud blooms remind us just how close we are to the excitement of the Spring season. Come out to Lichtenfelt’s in the coming weeks to see our redbuds in full display.

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