Plan Your Visit

As the largest garden center in the Upstate, first-time visitors to Lichtenfelt's can be overwhelmed with the selection and size of the nursery. However, with a bit of planning, you'll be on the road to gardening success!

Begin by reviewing our Know-Before-You-Go Checklist to analyze your landscape and planting criteria. Then, familiarize yourself with our Nursery Map - a layout of how material is organized throughout the grounds. Tidy organization and phenomenal information are what set us apart. Visit us to find out for yourself!

Helpful Handouts

Know-Before-You-Go Checklist


Perennial Care 

When To Prune Existing Trees and Shrubs

5 Ways to Grow Bigger, Healthier Plants this Spring

What Should I Plant?

Plants for Wet Sites

Native Plants

Butterfly Garden

Drought Tolerant Plants

Deer Resistant Plants